the architect, both of interiors and exteriors, with a flair for designing a sustainable framework for life.

the architecture for me is a creation of space by casting a material into solid, attractive and timeless forms.

My mission is a complex service in the field of architecture and design, i.e. to provide an ideological support and to supervise individual and public projects, interior incl. design, throughout their course to the implementation. I am a certified architect in the Czech Chamber of Architects no. CCA 4270.

My interest is to find a timeless, sensitive and unusual solution for each client. Discovering phase is for me very a important part, in which one can explore the maximum of the project opportunities. I believe that, the current tendency is turning rather to ideals than to a quick profit, as it was in the case of nineties.

My joy is to combine the image of the client with the architect's imagination and make it a reality.

My approach is search for an original and urgent answer to solve the brief given by a client. After clarifying the concept, a systematic work on the project is followed. This phase includes a preparation of the project documentation, obtaining permissions by local authorities and coordinating consultants and suppliers and leads to the completion of the project.

A price of my projects is dependent on the size and complexity of the commission, while communicating a client´s brief is also not unimportant. Vaguely specified project leads mainly to misunderstandings and delays, while finding alternatives, extra work, and budget overruns. Well specified assignment is a half of its successful completion.