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  • description: lifted city board with a lookout garden
    year: 2014
    status: study for "CITY INTERVENSION OSTRAVA" project
    place: Ostrava

    GRAPHITE is a covered area for urban activities, a lifted park board , based on a spatial maze in the form of graphite molecules. It should be more attraction than architecture , it should be about the metallurgical and mining history, the memory of the past and prospects for the future. In the molecule should be a permanent exhibition (additional to those in the dead mines and smelters) and occasional exhibitions. Under the plate and on the plate may not be a permanent activity , but open -air concerts can be held here, it can be built here an ice rink in winter or a regular farmers' markets in summer. Slightly cambered above surrounding buildings, the board will in any case serve a fascinating industrial panorama view of Ostrava and a relaxing space at once. It should be a mix of cultural, business and science activities held there, all in a proportion that would restore a life of the dead center. After a two hundred and fifty years of industrial history of the city, we can build a building, iconic in the country and abroad and give the main city square its lost function and form. Material of molecules and the plate should be apparently steel. During the construction should apply local steelworks, with an extensive experience, along with emerging technologies in a building construction, like a 3d printing. Let's use this opportunity to restore our beloved square to pre-war condition with a GRAPHITE ! ! ! ALL SOON IN OUR CITY.
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