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  • description: a family house reconstruction and extension
    year: project - 2018
    construction - 2020
    scale: 850 m3
    status: completed

    The family house was originally built in the postwar period by the builder's family. The main aim of the design is to enrich the house with modern elements and at the same time to return some of the original elements that have been removed over time (position of window openings).

    On the northwest side, the house is completed with a “wooden bivouac” with a closet and a bathroom. It is partially cantilevered over the entrance to the building, its secondary function becomes the roofing of the entrance part.

    On the 1st floor, new window openings are punctured (where they originally were) to the walls. They complement the façade with new elements, alike circular windows in the second floor, which has replaced the original rectangular.

    The designed materials in the exterior largely respect the original condition of the building (plasters, windows). The concrete roof covering is replaced by a natural ceramic tiles and gives the building a pleasant color scheme. The extension of the "bivouac" is cladded with siberian larch.

    The design of the living space on the first floor is to open it to the kitchen and dining area, and to the garden. There is a direct access to the terrace, and a window opening with a low window sill. These openings bring new light to the living space, while solid large-format glazing offers views of the garden and surroundings. The kitchenette has a new narrow horizontal window, at the eye level.

    The aim of the interior design on the 2nd floor is to open the space over the entire height of the attic. Three new sunroofs are inserted for better interior illumination and more efficient ventilation.

    The southeast side of the house includes a spacious terrace whose outdoor service area (summer kitchen) is hidden around the corner along the northeast facade of the house. The terrace will be partly covered by a wooden pergola with a roof.
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