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  • description: competition Tribute to Jiina Haukov and to Jindich Chalupeck art instalation in a public space, Prague 10
    year: 2020
    status: competition
    collaboration: MgA. Petr volba

    Public toilet.

    With regard to the fact, that the personalities of Jindich Chalupeck and Jiina Haukov with their lives and the work offers almost limitless flow of inspiration for how to deal with their commemoration, it is relatively difficult to somehow concentrate this flow into its central motive. It even offers to abandon the material form and to develop only a certain platform for debates about their legacy and its relevance. But in the context of the location where the intervention should bring a partial revitalization of the place, we decided to take it differently.

    In our opinion, a work created in a public space should by its very nature be as accessible to a wide audience as possible and in a certain way visionary.
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