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  • description: study of family house(s) in Trja
    year: 2011
    status: competition study - "CEMEX concrete house" workshop

    My main idea of the project is to built the apartment house out of concrete. To meet the specific goal, the conceptual layout of the project can be either used as an independent family house or an apartment building. The independent house volume is based of 2 floor building consisting of square with a side 11,5 m. The built-up area of the site is 15%. The teraces in the second level were made by rotation by 45%. This rotation enables to connect more houses into one apartment building, when keeping privacy teraces and sunlight coming to each unit. The scheme is flexible and offers combination of apartment building and individual houses. Concentrating of units may solve the problem of some owners to access their plot in a slopy terrain, when keeping a number of people living there. The apartment building is accessed from the south busy road and offers an underground car park. The inhabitans of individual houses can still use existing roads or their car can be parked in a car park.
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