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  • description: a cottage in a crystalic shape
    year: 2015-2019
    scale: 700 m3
    status: study

    To have his own hide-out in the forest. This was the goal of the triclinic pinacoid cottage project.

    The wooden load-bearing structure remains visible in the interior and protected against weathering by PUR foam spraying and cladding on the exterior side. Foundation, basement and ceiling slab are reinforced concrete.

    The cottage is designed for fictive site in a forest with a slope of 15 and the main access from above.

    The interior is treated in the spirit of Raumplan on 2 floors with a mezzanine floor. From main floors it offers the access to terrain and a residential terrace. Particular rooms are in contact with the surroundings by large windows, defined by deep jambs, which can be used as an internal bench. The inner interior of the house is lit by a large skylight above the spiral staircase, which forms the main backbone of the house. The interior enclosed in the crystalline shell of the cottage is organic, but in its core turns into a more rational rectangular layout. It is thus possible to build storage space, etc.

    Due to the free design without restrictions, the cottage with a useful area of ??140 m2 is closer to a family house and it will be possible to use it for permanent living.
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