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  • description: a family house for a fisherman and family
    year: project - 2016
    construction - 2019
    status: completed
    collaborators: visualizations: Dante Favre

    Urban design of the house is adapted to the character of the surrounding development, access to the land, terrain morphology and the client's requirements.

    One-storey family house with attic is located in the southeastern part of the site, 3 m from its boundary with the access to the street.

    The house is designed as a traditional volume with a gable roof with a ridge at a height of +7.85 m. Due to the slope of the land, the main communication axis of the house on the first floor consists of two levels (+ -0.00 m and +1.56 m). The first, basic height level is used for living areas with entrance to the house. The second level is used to enter and park cars.

    The main axial house (horizontal and vertical) corridor opens into a living area with kitchenette, seating area and dining area. This space is sunlitted from the west and partly from the east and connected to the terrace and garden by a glass wall with sliding doors. The view of the birch forest and pond is through a fixed glazed window. Technical one-storey part with attic height +4,50 m is connected to the main volume in the access south-eastern part.

    The second floor (level +3.20 m) is accessed from the living area by a light suspended staircase. There are located bedrooms, bathroom and a toilet.
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