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  • description: urban regeneration of a Bubny area
    year: 2009
    status: study - school project
    head of a design studio: Ing.arch. Jan Sedlk

    This urban study has an ambition to offer a new view of solving Pragues empty brownfields areas. It is a composition of public spaces on an area of a fomer railway station. These public spaces are on one line and are fluidly connected to the historical core of the city by a pedestrian bridge. Both North and South tails of the area are center points of a public transportation with an underground and a railway station. In the South tail, there is a theatre, in the North tail, the "end" of the line, there is a Culture Park where a waterfront has its place. In the core of the area, there are residential, commerce and cultural zones, in the south-north direction, a tram line runs and in the middle, the area is crossed by a rush east-west street.
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