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  • description: mixe-use city block - rebuilding of a block of buildings in Ostrava
    year: 2010
    scale: 6 thou sqm
    status: study

    The aim of the diploma project is a rebuilding of the block of buildings on the MASARYK SQUARE, demolished in 1968, and returning the square its oblong character. In its functional scheme there are flats, a shopping mall, a restaurant, a caf and a gallery. Flats with a shopping pit are situated on the south-east, a shopping mall on the west side and the crystal of the gallery on the north side. The block has two underground levels, which will accomodate parking needs. The volume concept is the composition of two inverse volumes : the crystal shape of the gallery impacts the block with an opened atrium inside. This support the feeling of an open space and offers it to the public.
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